Green Deli, Green Fit

Corporate Identity Design & Website Design

About the client:

Green Fit is a Fitness Studio located in Mainz, Germany before known as “Sporttreff”. Right next to it is Green Deli, a restaurant that offers high-quality, regional cuisine with a large selection of modern and vegetarian dishes. They both are a subsidiary company and are own by the same person.

Healthy Restaurant Brand


Company's named changed

The company used to be called “Sporttreff” and now they wanted to turn that into “Green Deli” and “Green Fit”.

2 Different Companies yet still belong together

Although Green Fit and Green Deli offer different services, they still are right next to one another and people should understand that both concepts belong together

Attract younger generations/ Modern Look

“Sporttreff” was thought for an older audience. Now Green Deli and Green Fit should attract younger generations without losing their current loyal clients.


Bring Green Deli and Green Fit to life and let people know despite their different services, they still belong together.


Services provided:

• Corporate Identity (Color Palette, CI Guide, etc)
• Social Media Content Creation
• Landing Page Design (High-Fidely Mockup)


Modern & Fresh Look

Green Deli & Green Fit image was taken in a good way by their audience and with the new more modern branding they could attract younger clients.

Former clients returned and new clients were gained

Many clients that used to support Sporttreff kept on visiting now Green Fit. New clients were also acquired during this process for Green Deli.

Social Media Success

Sporttreff had no Social Media presence. With the new Banners and other Social Media Templates, Green Deli & Green Fit could slowly build an online community.