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Fucsia is a creative business consultancy focused on strategic communication and problem-solving. We operate from Mannheim, Germany while primarily conducting remote work.

As digital natives, our expertise lies in enhancing your brand’s digital communication strategies, tailored precisely to your needs. Whether you aim to attract more job applicants or craft targeted marketing campaigns, we’re equipped to assist you every step of the way.

What we do

In a world where even the greatest ideas can fall short if not communicated effectively, we’re here to ensure your vision reaches its full potential. It all boils down to people grasping the significance of your ideas and the value they impart to our society. No matter how complex your field or topic may be, we’re committed to delivering your message with precision and vitality, transforming it into the right medium and form for maximum impact.

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About Fucsia

Alexa Nieto Manzano

Founder, Design Strategist

Hola, mucho gusto!

I’m Alexa, the founder and Design Strategist of Fucsia. Originally hailing from Mexico City and growing up in Monterrey in the northeast of Mexico, my journey brought me to Germany in 2015, fueled by the dream of becoming a designer. As a master in creative leadership, I’ve been immersed in the dynamic world of strategic communication, brand strategy, and beyond.

Driven by an unwavering passion for guiding and empowering businesses, I am committed to being your steadfast partner in achieving unparalleled success. My expertise spans strategic communication, brand development, market positioning, and more.

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Explore a showcase of our favorite projects. We love exploring your idea, brainstorming and innovating to get the best results.

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