Florian Brunsberg

Website Design

About the client:

Florian is a service & after-sales expert and systemic organizational developer. He supports the internal processes of small and medium-sized companies whose goal is to further develop their organization.

Florian Brunsberg Consultant


No structure for website content

Florian didn’t know how to communicate everything he wanted without being too much content and overwhelming his audience.

Website wasn't alligned with branding

Florian had already an existing branding (logo, color palette, etc), yet it wasn’t reflected in his website. 

Complicated navigation/ UX

The current website was very hard to navigate since there wasn’t a clear content structure. Therefore people often didn’t find what they were looking for.


Support Florian to structure the new website’s content in a clear way and present it with high-end design.


We worked together for a couple of months, and after a web design workshop, some look & feel proposals, a wireframe and some rounds of corrections here is the final product .

Services provided:

• Web Design Workshop
• Sitemap & Content Structure Guidance
• Wireframes & Low-Fidelity Prototypes
• WordPress Site Building (Tablet + Mobile Adaptation)
• Basic SEO Optimization for Google


Clear structure of the content

User experience is much more intuitive & makes it way easier to navigate

Scheduling appointments is a no-brainer now

Basic SEO for appearing in google is now optimized

More visibility and leads