Corporate Identity Design

About the client:

Merkurist is an online regional newspaper focused on news from Mainz and Wiesbaden (two cities in the southwest of Germany.) Whether it’s local, politics, sports or the blue light: the local readers decide what reports on.

Merkurist Content Creation


Company got sold and has now a new owner

The new owner of Merkurist has some different views about how the company’s direction should be. These new values should be communicated through the new design.

Lost their online community

Due to legal settlements their social media channels got erased and they lost all their followers. They had around 15K followers and had been innactive for around 3 months due to the company selling.

Need of a modern look to attract younger readers

Since Merkurist is starting a new chapter they want to have a renewed look to make a great comback, yet somehow mantain their old image so that loyal readers can still recognize its them.


Help Merkurist get back on their feet and make a great comeback.


I added some new shiny colors to their former color palette and decided to mantain their old logo since many people recognized the Merkurist team thanks to this. I supported them to create a marketing campaign which involved the creation of print and digital media, creating content for their social media channels and making a promotion video. 

Services provided:

• Corporate Identity (Color Palette, CI Guide, etc)
• Social Media Content Creation
• Marketing Campaign Support


Successful marketing campaign

The “Merkuretter” Campaign was live for about 4 weeks and it accomplish the money goal they were expecting. This success was of course not only thanks to the design actions, but it contributed in a big way.

Former clients returned and new clients were gained

Many clients that used to support Merkurist knew that they were back thanks to all the social media presence and decided to support them again. New clients were also acquired during this process.

Slowly regained their online community & still growing

Merkurist has gained back their only community day-by-day. Today they already have above 10K followers in their Instagram and keep on growing everyday. They have a wide resonance and their new brand is starting to get well-known.