Corporate Identity Redesign

About the client:

Glasny is a Children’s Neuropsychological Center that specializes in the diagnosis and monitoring of cognitive abilities in children. They focus on children ages 2 – 6 in their morning Institute and from 6 – 10 in their Center.

Glasny Corporate Identity Business Cards


Company expanded to 3 new areas

Glasny expanded their services and now they had not just one area but three different ones.

Reesctructure and name change

Glasny gave a new name to each new area and didn’t know how to communicate this to their clients without confusing them.

Company's initial branding was almost 5 years old

Glasny already had a branding, but this was the very first image created back then when the company was just starting. Many things had changed.


Give Glasny’s new areas a unique personality but maintain Glasny’s look as the main brand.


I used the already existing color palette, though I changed the brightness of some colors to give them more power. I mixed the colors in pairs and created that way 3 different areas with a very clear distinction.

Services provided:

• Brand Strategy Workshop

• Corporate Identity (Logo, Color Palette, CI Guide, etc)


Instant brand recognition among competition

Glasny has a very unique design among the children psychology centers in Monterrey, MX. It is easy to recognize among all others.

Clear communication to their clients

Clients of glasny understand that there is a company restructure and know in which direction it’s going. They’re not lost and confusion is unusual.

Up-to-date image with current company's values

After many years of constant growth, it’s just normal that the initial branding doesn’t apply anymore to the current company’s state. This redesigned identity communicates better Glasny’s vision and mission!