The Hackathon Company

Corporate Identity & Website Design

About the client:

The Hackathon Company offers hackathon events & recruiting services for big corporates of different regions in Germany. They focus on recruiting people from the IT sector, since companies struggle currently to find programmers.

Corporate Identity The Hackathon Company


No consistency/ No brand recognition

Since there was not a specific design-line followed, clients didn’t recognize nor remembered the company’s name nor the brand in general.

Aiming the wrong target group

This company has two different target groups: 1. Managing Directors of big companies, 2. Students/ Under-grads. Their image was not speaking to both these groups but just one.

Services not clear

They were struggling to define which services they offered and define if “sub-brands” were needed or everything would be part of the “mother-brand”.


Establish a brand consistency and harmony across all platforms.


I created a short but powerful color palette that communicates the company’s values. Redefined the order and hierarchy of the services, and created a mother brand and sub-brands accordingly.

Services provided:

• Corporate Identity Creation (Logo, Color Palette, CI Guide, etc)

• Website Design


A clear design-line

The new branding was succesfully applied to their website and all their other social media. There’s a clear harmony and recognition now.

More applicants for their recruiting events

The new website and social media attracted more applicants to be part of their hackathons. The applicants are a key piece in their business modell.

Gaining more leads

Having many applications of IT-personal is proof of success and this fact attracted therefore more companies as clients as well.