Daniela Hölzer

Branding & Website Design

About the client:

Daniela Hölzer is an independent coach and consultant. She supports private in their day-to-day life, as well as business owners who need a strategic and targeted support with communication inside their companies. 

Daniela Hölzer Coaching & Consulting


Not taken seriously

Clients often didn’t take her services seriously or didn’t fully trust them. Her digital prescence lacked professionalism. 

Esoteric image

People had a strong esoteric/ guru perception of Daniela, eventhough she is a highly specialized consultant.

Current color palette doesn't reflect her personality

As many other solopreneurs, the colors she had didn’t reflect the services and values she actually offered.


Create a solopreneur consulting brand that communicates professionalism and trust.


I created a vibrant color palette that represented Daniela’s energetic personality, keeping in mind the professionalism. The logo’s intention was a very minimalistic shape to be taken seriously by big concerns, and at the same time could be placed anywhere and get a direct brand recognition with the pass of time.

Services provided:

• Brand Strategy Workshop

• Corporate Identity (Logo, Color Palette, CI Guide, etc)

• Website Design


Faster appointment scheduling

With the new website design, it is now easier for clients to make an appointment with Daniela without so much searching and trying.

More potential leads through the right key words

Having the right key words in addition to the new design at her homepage is a crucial thing. She now can be found much easier through google and get seen by more potential clients!

Earn clients trust

Making a good first impression with potential clients is much easier now for Daniela having a professional well-designed brand and website. No more esoteric confusion 😉